Coalport Vase

Here we have a lovely Coalport Vase, the handle has been broken off and requires restoration. All joints cleaned then handle reattached and filled, getting a good colour match is vital when undertaking restoration no more so than when matching gold. Gold is very difficult medium to to use in restoration but as you can see the results are superb when done correctly.

Beswick Mounty With Hat Damage

After cleaning the old joint of old glue etc... the figure was washed and dried the hat was then glued using the correct glue and it was the filled and the filler hardened. We then carefully rubbed the filler down and applied a white coat of paint to make sure there were no imperfections we then colour matched the paint for the hat and restored it to its former glory and finally a super hard coat of glaze was applied.

Royal Doulton Folly HN 1750 Figurine

In for restoration Royal Doulton folly with arm off Steps of Restoration Firstly the joint was cleaned of any old glue etc… The arm was reattached into place, some small bits were missing and so the joint was filled After rubbing down the joint a primer coat was applied Once we were happy the joint was good The figure was hand painted back to its original condition Finally a coat of super hard glaze was applied *  introduced 1936 – withdrawn 1949

Moorcroft Vase

Large Moorcroft vase with a third of the rim missing We took a mould of the good side of the vase After the mould was glued into place we filled all the imperfections on the mould Rub all the moulded area until good White coat the area Repaint to a perfect colour match   

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